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Project Updates at Highlands of Blue Ridge

The development team for the Highlands of Blue Ridge is excited to provide clarification on the project to date:  


  1. After reviewing the application for Highlands of Blue Ridge, including a building rendering and details regarding the proposed building height, size, and width, The Blue Ridge Planning Commission has unanimously approved the project.  

  2. The developers went in front of the City Council on March 10, 2020, to gain approval for the project. Renderings and project information were distributed to each City Council member. After reviewing the project and answering questions, Nathan Fitts made a motion to approve the building, which was seconded by Rhonda Haight, and then unanimously approved by the remaining City Council members.   

  3. Additional approvals for specific design elements will be required by the City Council before construction commences. Design elements will be within the context of the zoning approval that has already been granted. 

  4. The project has been publicly announced and notification has been posted on the property as required. 

  5. Each homeowner will have their own parking spaces and there will be ample parking spaces available on the site for guest parking. There will be no need for public parking. 

  6. The development team has worked diligently to preserve original doors, floors and windows and some of these items will be on display in the new building, along with the Kiker family history in Blue Ridge.  

  7. This project will not be open to 100% rental ability, however there will be a limited number of rental units in the development.  

  8. The project will be 100% equity and lender financed. 


The developer’s intention is to design a project that will blend in aesthetically with the Blue Ridge community as well as in Fannin County as a whole.  Highlands of Blue Ridge will sit on the outskirts of the main business district, will not impede any view of any existing business or home in the area, and will improve the esthetics of the corner of Cook Street and W. First Street.  The developers expect to commence building in 2022, with completion in 2023. Sales of approximately half of the planned 56 units have been reserved and a waiting list has been established for additional buyers. Reservation agreements are legal documents that establish interest in the project.


We hope the information above helps clear up questions/concerns regarding Highlands of Blue Ridge. The development team remains passionate about building a development that adds value and beauty to the Blue Ridge community. 

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